5 Awesome Food Festivals That You Should Try

Each country in the world has unique culinary treasures and food traditions. These are celebrated in delicious and colourful food festivals around the world.

Here are my 5 list of awesome food festivals that I am dying to try to:


  1. Maslenitsa Festival (Pancake Festival)

A traditional Russian holiday, celebrates the end of winter and the coming of spring. Also known as Butter week or Pancake Week, the festival spread over several days has festivities that include the preparation and consumption of pancakes. It is held every year in February or March for seven days. The golden-brown round-shaped pancakes are said to represent the round yellow sun that has emerged after the cold wintry days. The piping hot, crisp, golden-brown pancakes are eaten along with butter, jam, fruit preserves, and for those with expensive tastes, the caviar.


  1. International Mango Festival

It is held every year in July in New Delhi, India. The International Mango festival is a celebration of this “King of fruits.” The delicious mango is seen at the festival in all its glory. Started in 1987, the festival attracts more visitors with every passing year, who come to see the range of delicious and succulent mangoes on offer. Prizes are awarded in various categories to mango growers and producers at the conclusion of the event. More than 550 varieties of mango are exhibited at the festival. Various mango-based products such as mango juice, mango ice-cream, and mango-based desserts are also on offer for visitors. A mango-eating contest, where contestants try to eat as many mangoes as they can in a limited time is another highlight of the event.


  1. Maine Lobster Festival

I love lobster! I will definitely go to Maine to experience their Lobster Festival. Their Maine Lobster Festival is a celebration of the cuisine that has developed around the succulent lobsters found off the coast of Maine, USA. Located a few hours from Boston, Rockland Maine has been hosting this festival for 66 years and describe it as “Five Days of Feasting and Fun on the Fabulous Coast of Maine!” I bet this is a heaven for me.


  1. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Australia’s cultural capital has hosted this 20 day festival for 20 years, a showcase of the continent’s culinary mastery through cooking demonstrations, special tours and food tastings throughout the city. Imagine the length of the festival, 20? You’ll also be able to meet celebrity chefs and artisan food crafters, go to gala dinners and discover Down Under’s most fantastic flavours.


  1. Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Taking place on the Wild West coast of New Zealand’s scenic South Island, this festival celebrates the weird side of food. Try dishes like wild snails, worm milkshakes, flower wine, huhu grubs and more. And I don’t think that I will ever get to survive eating these things. What do you think?


Whether you like trying new ethnic foods, fine wines, garlic ice cream or worm milkshakes, there’s a food festival somewhere in the world calling your name. You should go!

5 Ways on How to Save Your Money Even When you’re Dining Out

Dining out can be expensive, but you can still enjoy the occasional meal without breaking the bank. Smart spending doesn’t mean that you say “no” to every indulgence, it simply means that you spend with intention, knowing you can afford anything but not everything.

Here are 5 ways you can dine out while still being mindful of your budget:


  1. Buy restaurant Gift Cards

There are many restaurants that offers gift cards or gift certificate. I urge you to never let this kind of opportunity down as this is one of the ways to help you save more when dining out. I was completely blown away by how much I saved using Gift Cards the first time. Now I’m hooked.


  1. Discount Cards

My family friend’s children are constantly selling discount cards to local area restaurants for their school’s fundraiser. These cards often cost £6 or so, but I have literally made my money back after the first use. My favourite restaurants around town offer 25% off of your meal or even a buy one, get one free entre. This is a great way to save throughout the year. I even went as far as purchase some from other friends whose kids attend different schools because the deals on the other discount cards were so good.


  1. Weekly Specials

One thing that many people may not realize or utilize are weekly specials that almost all restaurants are implementing these days. Pay attention to the restaurants that you frequent most often.


  1. Friend Your Favourites

Just like you can like Money Q&A on Facebook, you can like most restaurants on Facebook as well. Even mom and pop locations now are finding their way online in an effort to drum up more business. This is a great opportunity for you to find new deals and coupons online.


Many restaurants offer great deals and coupons for newsletter subscribers too. Do not be bashful when signing up for these newsletters to get a great deal. If you are worried about spam, set up a new free email account just for these newsletters.


  1. Portion Control

Another great way to save money eating out at restaurants is to practice portion control. Now more than ever, portions at restaurants have grown considerably and are huge. Portion control can come in a variety of methods.


  1. Have a Spending Plan

Okay I won’t call this setting a budget, but you have to have some idea as to how much you can spend per month on eating out. Are you willing to spend £64 per week? What happens if you blow that on one meal? Are you going to go home the other six nights and eat Ramon Noodles?


  1. Drink Water

Most of my friends are saying that drinking water is the easiest way to save money. This is actually a great tip since alcoholic drinks are expensive and can quickly make your bill spiral out of control.


My question to you…

Do you have any tips to save money eating out at restaurants? Which method to save money eating out at restaurants is your favourite?

5 Ways to Be Successful In Your Eating Competition

Back in the days when I decided to attempt my very first eating competition, the first thing I did was to search in google.


Unfortunately, there are only a less article about how to become a competitive eater, or how to win your eating challenge. And also, most of these articles doesn’t help at all. And so I thought, why not make my own?


And so, I tried listing all my ideas about ways to become a successful in eating competition. And I tried it to myself before joining the competition. Well, I can’t say that all the things and ways that I have listed are proven to be successful. But I least I have tried, aren’t I?


So, here are the ways that made me successful in an eating competition:


  1. Learn

When it comes to food challenges, you can never know too much, and you should learn as much as you can beforehand so that you can train safely and smarter, & not just harder.


  1. Find

Now that you have studied all of the tips & advice articles and you have a pretty good idea of what it takes to win food challenges and eating contests, now you need to find and select which challenge or contest you want to try first.


Since food challenges only involve you and nobody else, I suggest trying a food challenge first so that you can accurately gauge your current abilities.


There are not always eating contests available around you each month because contests are typically held only once per year, but challenges are available every business day or once per week at the very least.


Perform a Map Search or List Search to find which food challenges are available around you. Select which challenge you feel most comfortable attempting based on size, type, and the time limit.


Now you know what you need to train for, and you can set the challenge up when you want to and when you are ready for it, rather than adapting to fit somebody else’s schedule. Dominate your challenge, and then you will be more confident during your first contest. Make sure to start slow & safely.


  1. Train

Put what you learned by reading and watching videos into practice and start training your body so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming competition.


As mentioned above, please start slow and build up gradually. You won’t start out being able to beat seasoned professionals, and every big journey starts out with a few small steps, just like mine.


As you continue to train, you will figure out what works for you and what does not, and you will quickly be able to decide which training methods work best for your body and stomach.


  1. Connect

Every eater has different techniques and training methods, so if you have a favourite eater, try to find out what he or she does.


  1. Conquer

After putting in the work and effort to train and strategize for your challenge, it’s time to have some fun conquering the particular challenge you have been preparing for.


Learn More

You can read and study all the materials available, but there is no substitution for experience.


After every food challenge and eating competition, critique yourself and decide what you did well and what things you can improve on. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse, and there really is no such thing as staying the same.


Keep learning and figuring out new ways to get better.

Why Food Festivals? Lots Of Reasons!

My friends and I love to eat out at restaurants. In fact, almost 8.8% of my income actually goes towards eating out every month. Just wow. But, I do not make any apologies for it.


What can I do? I love foods. I love to be able to taste different foods. Food trip anyone?


Food has always been a major factor in every culture, but in the last few decades, cuisines of the world have migrated from their original homes to become known all over. Food knows no boundaries or borders, and thanks to food imports/exports, no cuisine is unachievable in our own kitchens.


Yes, we all know that it can be very expensive when you do dine out, but you can also save money while still eating out a lot. You simply have to make smart decisions while you are at the restaurant.


Italian Cuisine

One of the oldest cuisines of the world is Italian. Everyone associates Italian cuisine with pizza, pasta and ice cream but in reality, Italian food is hugely variable, and something that probably isn’t so well known is that food in Italy is distinctively regional, with 20 regions.


Thai Cuisine

Although many people assume it is similar to Chinese, Thai food, although using many of the same ingredients, is different in that there are lots of broths, noodle dishes and the use of a lot of fresh herbs.


Unlike Chinese, there isn’t a great deal of dishes that are a main ingredient with vegetables in a thick rich sauce. The main flavours of Thai food are hot, sour, bitter and sweet.


French Cuisine

French food was thought of as haute cuisine. Many top chefs today still like to be classically French trained. French food ranges from rustic and hearty to the very finest, theatrical, almost art-like Michelin Star style and no French meal would be complete without bread, cheese and wine.


Japanese Cuisine

I just love Japanese food! The food of Japan is probably the cuisine that is most unique. Many ingredients are used in dishes that are simply not found in other cuisines. The mastery of Japanese food relies on the freshest ingredients meticulously prepared.


Seasonality is also a major factor in Japanese cuisine. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all sushi, tofu and noodles. Yum!


Lebanese Cuisine

With a wonderful fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic influences, Lebanese food contains a lot of vegetable dishes, loads of fresh fruit, fresh fish and seafood and little animal protein.


Like Greek and Turkish cuisine, the mezze is a major feature – a selection of salads, vegetable dips, pickles and Arabic bread. Lebanese food is making a big noise in becoming one of the most popular world cuisines.


Caribbean Ethnic Cuisine

If you like meats that are marinated in a wide variety of spices and then grilled over an open flame to perfection, you will love Caribbean foods.


Many dishes include delicious exotic fruits and interesting spices. Some of my favourites include Jerk Chicken and Chutney.


No matter where

Certainly each country has their own great cuisine waiting for you to taste. I just love being able to taste most of them. No matter where you are or where you go, you are bound to be able to taste each countries’ very own delicacy.