Food Ideas for Any Occasion

Here are seven various events function food styles to get your customer’s creative juices moving for preparing what will most likely be the biggest event they will certainly ever have.

1. MORNING MEAL BRUNCH For the low-key,  this wonderful morning banquet adheres to a 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. event


Food Ideas:

  • Bagels and croissants with a variety of marmalades and jams
  • Fresh fruit
  • Hot cake or waffles
  • Specialty sausages, Canadian bacon and smoked salmon
  • A chef making custom omelets or crepes, where visitors choose their fillings
  • Mimosas and Bloody Marys are all-natural refreshment selections

Tip: This is an affordable alternative for an intimate gathering.

Remember: Such a very early celebration removes dance and could even be too early for late-sleeping guests to go to.


Top quality and simpleness describe this party choice which provides a lot more sizable food following a late early morning or higher midday function. This lunchtime gathering typically takes place in between 12 midday and 2 p.m.


Food Ideas:

  • Variety of tossed salads
  • Noodles meals
  • Cold salmon and poultry
  • Light beverages and lemonade

Fortunately: A luncheon is still cheaper compared to dinner and creates a remarkable outdoor celebration.

Remember: Not many visitors will certainly would like to dance at a lunchtime occasion.

3. MID-DAY TEA. This is a budget-friendly and delightful gathering held in between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. A five-o’clock tea function is perfect for those that prefer to do things differently.


Food Ideas:

  • Finger sandwiches with crusts taken out
  • Fresh fruit
  • Scones 
  • Cake
  • Cupcakes 
  • A large assortment of teas and champagne strike

Fortunately: A tea event is a fantastic possibility for imagination. This event also functions well for couples with a huge visitor listing and a little spending plan.

Bear in mind: Although this is a wonderful occasion, this type of event party does not supply a complete meal for guests and because it is commonly a much shorter reception, dancing is unlikely.


For the late-night partying duo, this “pleasant” late night choice might be the solution beginning sometime in between 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Food Ideas:

  • Cake
  • A substantial assortment of rich desserts
  • Delicious chocolate fountain with going along with fruits
  • Sweet buffet(an individual favored!)
  • Champagne and specialized coffee
  • A java bar

Fortunately: This choice is economical and sophisticated.

Bear in mind: This party does not provide a real dish for visitors and considering that of the wonderful menu, there are no stipulations for diabetics.

5. DINNER BUFFET.For the casual occasion that choose a fun and loosening up function, having guests offer themselves from a variety of meals is a fantastic option for function meals.


Food Ideas:

  • A selection of meals that permit visitors to choose to create a terrific dish, magnificently established out on lengthy tables.
  • Both meat and vegetarian meals.
  • Plenty of side meals; a selection of vegetables and salad.

Fortunately: The extremely nature of a buffet provides something for everyone.

Bear in mind: Contrary to public opinion, a buffet is not always cheaper than a sit-down dish. Likewise, since of the time guests could possibly spend waiting eligible food, this is not the most elegant choice.

6. DINNER: SIT-DOWN. Sophisticated traditionalists will welcome the chance to have attendants serve their visitors meals.


Food Ideas:

One, 2 or three entree varieties with a appetizer, salad or soup , side dishes and dessert. The Good News: The couple obtains to figure out each food selection product. Because everyone dining at the same time, this is a considerably even more classy choice. Given that people often finish their dishes a lot more swiftly, an event such as this enables additional time on the dancing floor and an excellent celebration.

Bear in mind: This event isn’t affordable and visitors will have a minimal choice of food.

7. DINNER: FOOD STATIONS. For the adventurous couple, this consuming fantasy made up of buffet tables scattered around the party area, each with a various specialized of meals, is a delight.


Food Ideas: The guests try all their faves– fish and shellfish, noodles, roast beef – the possibilities are endless! To contribute to the adventure, why not propose adding a chef offering wontons from an iceboat or a wok loaded with shrimp or crab legs?

The Good News: The style of this reception supplies a great deal of cool and variety for wedding event visitors to sample meals from each terminal. One point’s for certain, guests will go crazy regarding this event for many years ahead!

Keep in Mind: This is the most expensive event celebration food alternative of all!

Tips in Reducing Salt Intake


Change your sauce .Add water till you reach the wanted consistency. Thick sauces could be used over chick, fish, pork, meat, and veggies. Thinner sauces could be used in pasta and rice recipes.

A lot better Broth. Make home-made broths with the fluid from rehydrated wild mushrooms such as porcini and shiitake. Saturate 1 oz of dried mushrooms in 1 mug of very warm water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Pressure via a fine screen to eliminate any particles and use the broth and mushrooms in your preferred dishes that ask for chicken or beef stock (soups, stews, sauces).

Nuts. Before roasting, produce “crusts” for chicken, fish and pork by coating them with finely sliced, unsalted nuts, such as walnuts, peanuts and nuts. As the food chefs, the nuts end up being gold brown, while adding astonishing texture and taste to the dish.

Vinegar. Use intensely-flavored, aged vinegars in store of salt in sauces, dressings, sauces, and “drizzles” for steamed and roasted meat, chicken, fish, and veggies. Aged balsamic vinegar is an outstanding selection and when simmered over average warmth, you could decrease it to a syrupy consistency (the perfect topping for chick, fish, pork, steak, and vegetables).

Cupboard Raid: Keep a hearty stock of salt-free seasoning blends. Get these in place of salt to genuinely boost the flavor of pleasant and tasty recipes. As an example, nutmeg emphasizes celebrity flavor in dishes made with cheese (covered dishes, egg meals, and so on). Cardamom, cumin, curry, and cinnamon include heat and depth. Oregano, marjoram, bay leaves, and garlic include robust taste to Italian, Spanish and Greek dishes. Sage and tarragon include a wonderful floral top quality to veggie, fish and meat recipes. Begin experimenting (when first starting, review the labels– they typically highlight the suitable meals “companions” for the herb or seasoning!).

Peel Out: Just before offering, include the grated peel of limes and/or lemons to noodles, veggie, rice, and fish meals. The refined tartness removes the need for salt!

Surprising how much salt is in one slice of refined cheese, huh? Check all your milk and cheese items (1/2 cup of home cheese has almost 500 milligrams of sodium !!), and decide for reduced-sodium variations when readily available.

10 Additional Quick Tips to Lower Sodium Intake

1. Choose fresh, unprocessed or fresh, icy foods
2. Check out meals labels for sodium web content
3. Select meals with much less than 200mg of salt each serving
4. Eat pre-prepared meals that are “low in sodium” or “no added sodium”.
5. Limit processed foods such as canned or dried out soups, canned vegetables, iced up dinners, “instant” foods and flavored rice/pasta plans.
6. Use much less salt at the table and in cooking.
7. Useno-sodium or low-sodium seasonings.
8. Taste food with lemon juice, fresh garlic, flavors, herbs and flavored vinegar.
9. Usage simply tiny amounts of condiments, like pickles, sauces, olives, etc.
10. When in restaurants, ask for much less salt or salt to be included to your food.